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Engineering Undergraduate (Bachelor) Programs

Mechatronic Engineer

Nowadays, according to the definition of intelligent machines, for a mechatronics product, the most effective functionality can only be achieved if the mechanical, electrical, and information technology disciplines are already interwoven with the design phase (s) of the product. The students involved in mechatronical engineering will be able to supervise, manage, operate and maintain system processes based on the use of mechatronic devices and equipment, as well as to design simpler mechatronics structures to manage their product.

You can deal with the following definition: “Mechatronical engineering is an approach aiming at the synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science within product design and manufacturing, in order to improve and/or optimize its functionality”. Many people treat “mechatronics” as a modern buzzword synonymous with robotics and “electromechanical engineering.

The Mechatronical Engineer Program at the Edutus College is administered by the Engineering Institution in Tatabánya, Hungary. A group of professors from Mechanical Engineering, Systems Design Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and from Leaser technologies set out to design the “ideal” Mechatronical Engineer curriculum that is able to provide for the students the desired combination of skills:

  • mastering a strong problem-solving skill by thinking in complex, multidisciplinary systems
  • self-confident electronics and information technology knowledge based on mechanical engineering
  • Design, Measurement, Modelling and Simulation (CAD-CAM-CAMS)
  • controlling of mechatronic building blocks (sensors, actuators) and structures
  • application of special laser technology machining – but not just in theory but also in practice.

The aim of the undergraduate program is to teach mechatronics engineers who are capable of synergistically integrating the electrical engineering and computer control, capable of routine design tasks, operation and maintenance of mechatronic devices and processes, intelligent machines, introducing mechatronic technologies, implementing process and production management. environmentally conscious organization, to carry out the tasks of an average complexity of technical development and planning, taking into account the needs of the international labour market. They are ready to pursue their studies in Master’s degree.

Mechatronical engineer program, in addition to the limited professional knowledge, also includes human courses: students enrich environmental (renewable energies), professional language, economics and social sciences.

Specialization direction 1.: Laser Beam Technologies

The launch of mechatronic engineering course was designed to provide unique, unique, countrywide learning opportunities for those students, who continue their studies at Edutus College. To this end, we have set up a specialty for the professional core material of the training that is nowhere else in the country. This is laser technology. Laser technology is an industry-wide key technology in the field of national economics, but currently, tertiary education deals only tangentially with this area. Consequently, in Hungary there is a lack of a staff with a higher education qualification who would be able to develop products and production of high added value. By launching the laser technology specialization, we will overcome this shortage. The teaching of laser technology is not only theoretical, since the College has achieved a very significant infrastructure development in the framework of the successful tender, so with the specialization of laser technology, students can obtain unique advanced knowledge of the laser machining technologies that they will be able to utilize in the future on the labour market.

The Edutus College Engineering Institute Laser Laboratory is equipped with SPI Fiber Laser R4 400+ Kawasaki RS20N industrial robot system and TruDisk 4001 Laser radiation source and TruLaser 7020 NC cell with multifunctional purposes: meeting the requirements and high quality standards arising from education, R&D and industrial assignments. In addition to, the Edutus College Engineering Institute possess with other laboratories as well (industrial metrology, design and simulation, pneumatics, hydraulics, etc.)

Specialization direction 2.: Maintenance

Launched in the 2020-2021-1 semester, the new practice-oriented education is aimed at training maintenance mechatronic engineers who are capable of delivering, operating, maintaining and repairing different machines, machine systems and equipment in different sectors in different companies and meet the requirements arising these complex and challenging tasks.

Students acquire up-to-date and marketable knowledge required by the labor market (firms) through specialization units such as metallurgy, machine operation, electric drives, industrial automatization, maintenance systems design, lubrication (tribology), technical diagnostics I. (vibration diagnostics), technical diagnostics II. (thermography and ultrasound).

Technical manager

 This is significantly different from the general manager training in the strategy, attitude, structure, content and methods of the training. This is a field of study involving several disciplines, in which students acquire the necessary economic and management knowledge in order to realize engineering and technical tasks at the same time as thorough natural and technical knowledge.

Edutus College has decided to start the technical manager from the professional needs of the national economy and the region and from the requirements of the specialists. The specialty of Edutus College is that the technical part of the training is based on the most up-to-date basic mechatronic basic knowledge. We also attach importance to the acquisition of process and project manager and EU-project knowledge to replace the process engineering shortage, as well as facility management manager skills that can be learned as a specialty and are novel in comparison with similar courses in other institutions.

The Technical Manager Program at the Edutus College is also administered by the Engineering Institution in Tatabánya, Hungary.

The undergraduate course is aimed educating technical managers who have the right knowledge of natural science, engineering science, management and organization development to manage the material, technical, IT, financial and human processes of different types of production and service companies. They are able to contribute effectively to projects related to these processes, management of organizations, including the foundation and implementation of development processes. They are prepared to pursue their studies in Master’s degree.

Specialization direction 1.: Facility Management

Facility management is the task of ensuring the optimal level of satisfaction of the entire organization’s facility management services, ie the smooth operation of the organization’s main activity. Through its activities, managing the changes will fundamentally affect the employees’ well-being feeling, and the effectiveness of the organization’s operation.

The service scope includes, for example, the following activities:

  • Organizational management.
  • Planning and forecasting in facility management.
  • Spatial planning and management.
  • Architectural and engineering design and design.
  • Work planning and management.
  • Cost Planning and Economics Investigations.
  • Buying and selling real estate.
  • Management of construction and investment projects.
  • Security and life protection services.
  • Transformation, renovation, installation of workplaces.
  • Administrative services. Operation and maintenance.
  • Telecommunication, data communication, cable and network management.
  • Fleet management

In Hungary, the Facility Management Industry (FM Industry), which produces 7% of GDP and 9-11% of GDP in employment, was also responsible for the production of facility management services. It is estimated that the industry generates added value of HUF 1500-2000 billion and contributes about 3-400 thousand people to employment. The most important product of facility management as a business function and the facility management industry is the building as a service that consists of a large number of sub-services. The number of facility management services used by organizations varies from 100 to 200.

Labour market opportunities are widespread, encompassing all areas where activities are linked to buildings, from office buildings to shopping centres, educational, health and social buildings, and industrial facilities.

Specialization direction 2.: Process and Project Management

The technical manager specialization in process and project manager specialization will be able to identify, model, analyse, develop, regulate, implement and operate production and service processes, prepare for IT developments on the operational side, and perform managerial tasks for performing these tasks in projects and functional organizations.

Specialization direction 3.: Quality Management

The new eductaion, to be launched in the 2020-2021-1 semester, aims to train professionals with high quality management skills who, through their theoretical and practical competencies and skills, will be able to use their knowledge in all areas of enterprise quality management, and quality development.

After completing the specialization, the Quality Management  Technical Managers will be able to design, operate, manage and develop state-of-the-art quality management systems

Edutus University Mechatronics Engineering BSc. curriculum


Edutus University Engineering Manager BSc. Curriculum


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