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Practical Guide for Bsc. Thesis Preparation

a) Practical Guide for BSC Thesis Preparation

Completion of the thesis is part of the ending of your university studies, an essential requirement for getting your diploma. The aim of this thesis is to give the student an account of his / her theoretical and professional skills and to prove his / her ability to carry out research work independently. The writing of the dissertation and the related requirements are different from the tasks that have become routine by the end of the studies. The purpose of this Guide is to provide an overview of the process of writing the thesis, its main stages, tasks and requirements for students attending Edutus University Bachelor’s degree program. The thesis is a synthesis of the student’s knowledge and reflection of his / her abilities, a lasting creation and work that students are likely to retain during their lives with the diploma​.

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Practical Guide: Thesis Preparation on BSc Level

​b) Practical Guide for BSC or MSC thesis presentation

How do you prepare for your BSc. or MSc. thesis oral presentation at the complex final exam?

​”The aim of the final complex exam to ending your university study and earning your BSc. or MSc. degree.

Differing from the previously successfully taken rigorosum exam, this kind of exam consist of two main parts. In the first part, you have to defend your BSc or MSc. thesis in form of deliver a brief oral presentation for the Complex Final Exam Committee and aftermath answering their questions related to your presentation. The second part – make your choice among the oral exam issues, which will be different from the rigorosum exam questions – and elaborate it and answer the question – will take place exactly the same way as in the course of the previously passed rigorosum exam. In this context, please keep in mind the Practical Guideline for Rigorusum technical details.

This newer outline briefly summarize all of the practical knowledge, which can be necessary to deliver your BSc. or MSc. thesis defense presentation impressive, informative manner in high quality.

It is important that everybody dress appropriately for the occasion!

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Practical Guide: Final Complex Exam - BSC or MSC Thesis Presentation
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