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History of the University

Edutus University (a higher education institution created by the merger of the College of Modern Business Sciences and the János Harsányi College) is a young, dynamically developing, environmentally conscious university. The main aim of Edutus University is to strengthen the character of a “knowledge center” by strengthening its relations with the public education and business spheres and building new ways of cooperation, so that its services can promote the competitiveness of the region.

The legal predecessor of Edutus University, the College of Modern Business, was founded in Tatabánya in 1992, basically specializing in business education as the first private college in Hungary. During its more than twenty years of existence, it has undergone a number of significant changes: the college, originally from Tatabánya, was expanded with a branch in Budapest and later across the border in Odorheiu Secuiesc. From 2017, the training started at the Sümeg Community Higher Education Training Center, and from 2018, the education started at the College’s Civitas Sapiens Center in Tata. At the end of 2017, the College met the criteria for the “University of Applied Sciences” qualification, so from 2018 it will continue to operate as Edutus University.

In Tatabánya, technical training started in addition to business courses. The laser machine, which is also recognized at the European level, ensures international-class educational research and the marketable practical application of the technology. With the joining of János Harsányi College in 2011, our offer was supplemented with a well-recognized, market-leading tourism and hospitality training area in several respects. Through this, we became associate members of the number one world organization of tourism, the Madrid-based World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), as the only higher education institution in Hungary. Since then, UNWTO has selected Edutus University as its global Knowledge Network for tourism.

Edutus University is not only a close-to-people university due to its size, here students come into personal contact with the instructors, moreover we help the studies of athletic students and people with disabilities with a special program. As a private university, we also offer work-off tuition, web education and part-time training abroad.

WEBINAR – ONLINE CURRICULUMS ACCESS: The technology is designed to provide an opportunity for distance learning through a video conferencing system to help students who are unable to attend classes.

PEGAZUS PROGRAM – WORK-OFF TUITION: The school association of the institution provides work for those enrolling in the program through its own network of contacts, as well as provides labor to companies in partnership with the University. For their work, students receive a salary from which they can fund their studies by providing an interest-free deferral of payment of reimbursement.

ATHLETES PROGRAM – INDIVIDUAL CURRICULUM: Recommended for (top)athletes doing sports and learning side by side. In the program, we provide the following to athletes: discounted curriculum and exam schedule, mentoring and helping tutor, e-learning materials, webinar education.

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