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User’s Guide to Hungary

Welcome to Hungary, in this fascinating and interesting country in the heart of Europe. This is a land with 1 000 years of history and unique combination of Eastern and Western traditions and cultures. This is a land where the River Danube flows through one of the most beautiful capitals in the world and finding many rejuvenating thermal springs and spas.

Budapest is an unforgettable capital city with many sightseeing places, lively and outstanding cultural life offering impressive experiences in every season. In addition, you can find the cuisine of every culture including the Michelin stars restaurants, no-frill eateries, small bistros, and must try-food trucks.

Hungary’s diverse countryside offering wide variety of outdoor activities: 11 000 kilometres of hiking routes, more than 4 000 kilometres of cycle paths, 10 national parks, and many protected nature reserves. The protected Puszta-regions, the Great Plain, the Danube Bend, the historical towns for example Eger, Lake Balaton can be perfect venue for holiday resort. Furthermore the Headquarter of the Edutus University locates in Tatabánya in Komárom- Esztergom county, in the geographical vicinity of Budapest. (Budapest -Tatabánya distance is no more than 55 km and the duration travel time – taking two trains in every hours from the Déli Railway Station – is 50 minutes). It is also worth visiting Komárom-Esztergom country because of the number of the historical, cultural and resort places including:

  • Hermitage at Majk-Kamaldul (near Oroszlány)
  • Monostor Fotress in Komárom
  • National Park in Agostyán
  • Cathedral/Basilica in Esztergom
  • Renovated Eszterházy Castle Museum in Tata
  • Old-Lake and Cseke Lake in Tata
  • “Water-Music-Flower Festival” and the historical Castle War Games (“Patara”) in Tata
  • Turul Monument in Tatabánya

The Edutus University would like to make their foreign students and foreign partners life easier. From this reason, you can find the below User Guide to Hungary document containing practical information and recommendations living in this exciting and challenging country. In addition, you can find useful supplementary information about getting into Budapest transportation system and the metro map of Budapest in the STUDENT INFORMATION – ERASMUS FOR INCOMING STUDENTS as well.


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