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Online Short Courses


Besides its full and part-time BSC or MSC programs, the Edutus University can also offer for the Academic Staff Members, Lecturers, Industrial Experts, Learners online short courses in English as well, related to relevant, highlighted topics. The „tailor-made” online lectures can be organised in every month depending on the emerging needs and requests, and they provide comprehensive and up-to-date overview about the below areas:

  1. Mathematical models
  2. The Data Scientist Toolbox
  3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  4. Design by Experiments
  5. Biomechanical and Medical Applications of Laser Beam Technologies
  6. Energy management and sustainability

The participation fee is 100 euro/person/online short course, the minimum participants number/groups 8 or 10 person.

If the selected online course will launch, you will be informed about necessary payment instructions, the program agenda, and other technical details. You can apply for any arbitrary online course via the below online registration form:

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