Már elérhetőek államilag támogatott helyek nem csak mesterképzéseken, hanem nappali tagozatos, alapképzési szakokon is!

Application for NON-EU students

The Edutus University is welcoming you in Budapest, Hungary!

Below you will find detailed information how to apply to our institution.


You must be a high school graduate if you would like to apply to the Businnes Administration and Management Training Programme to our institution. You need to bring and show your original high school certificate to the University.

For the the Marketing master (MSc) program application you must hold a bachelor (BSc)  degree – or equivalent certificate – from related scientific area additionally to your high school certificate.

English language knowledge: for BSc program we require IELTS 5.5  or equivalent English language certificate. For a master MSc program application we require IELTS 6.5 or equivalent English language certificate.


If the Edutus University has a partner agency related to your country, you have contact with them. They will help you to go through the application proccess.

In case the Edutus University has no partner agency in your country, read through the instructions below and follow the steps.

  1. Fill in the Application From and send it to us by e-mail.
    2. The following documents are required to forward us via e-mail
  • CV in English language
  • Motivation Letter in English language
  • High School Certificate in original language
  • High School Certificate in English language – only authorized translation can be accepted
  • Relevant pages of your passport – personal data, photo, visa (if relevant)
  • English language certificate
  • Medical certificate not older than 1 month

After the examination of your application documents you will be informed whether you can move forward with your application or not. The Edutus University will inform you by e-mail concerning the further steps in connection with your application.


You have to transfer the following fees to the bank account of our institution:

Admission fee: 200,- EUR (non-refundable). It has to be payed only once, in the first year.

Bachelor programme: 2600 EUR / semester / 30 ECTS

Master programme: 3250 EUR / semester / 30 ECTS

The Edutus University asks to transfer the whole academic year tuition fee (two semester fees) before starting your studies at our university, till 30 August at the latest.

The tuition fee includes the cost of education, the library use and regular exam fees.
The tuition fee does NOT include: health insurance, accomodation, meals or photocopying.

All applicants, irrespectively of the currency they are paying in, should transfer the application and tuition fees in EUR (or equivalent – the bank from which you make the transfer will calculate this based on the given day’s official exchange rate) to the following bank account:

Name of the bank MKB Bank Zrt.
Account holder Edutus Egyetem
Address of the bank 2800 Tatabánya, Fő tér 6/a
HUF IBAN bank account number: HU65 10300002 40000413 00003285
Swift code MKKBHUHB

Important: The cost of the transfer has to be covered by the student.  

All payments to the above account must be made from an identifiable bank account via bank transfer. All other forms of payment (postal check, cash payment, VIBER transfer) will be refused.

After receiving your payment, the Edutus University will send you the Letter of Acceptance via post and/or e-mail which is the official declaration that you are accepted.

With the Letter of Acceptance you can visit the nearest Hungarian Embassy and apply for visa (type D).

In case your visa request is rejected, the Edutus University will refund the tuition fee after having received the proofment documents of the rejection.


You have to visit the International Office as soon as possible with all your original documents – they need to be presented only – for finalizing your registration.

You have to have a one year health insurance. The insurance has to be valid from 1st September to 31st August.

You have to sign the Student Agreement.

You have to complete all the necessary registration forms.

You have to visit the nearest Immigration Office and apply for Residence Permit Card (see more information below).



Application Deadline for Full Time Programmes: 15 January 2021

In exceptional cases we might accept late applications. For more information, please contact the head of the International Office: international.office@edutus.hu

However, please be aware that late arrivals at the Edutus University – after the start of the academic year – may result in missing a number of classes which may jeopardize the completion of subjects in the given semester. Late arrivals will remain entirely the student’s responsibility.

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