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Practical Guide for Rigorosum

Practical Guide for Taking Rigorosum Exam from Business and Management BSc (K-B-8-S601T)

In general:

The intermediate university rigorosum exam is aiming besides the quality insurance preparing you for the final complex closing exam at the end of your studies. Meet the requirements of the rigorosum exam will be the necessary ex-ante precondition to allow you to take the final closing exam including presenting and defending your submitted, officially approved and Neptun uploaded BSC thesis and earning your degree, receiving your Diploma).

Furthermore, the rigorosum exam can largely contribute to make easier the final closing exam by reducing the number its thesis. (It means that the rigorosum exam issues will not included in the final closing exam thesis).

The oral rigorosum will take place in personal presence contact classroom form in front of the Edutus University Exam Committee.

You will be informed about the final result of your rigorosum via Neptun system.

We wish you successful preparation and exam!

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