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International Scientific Conference Employement, Education and Entrepreneurship (EEE)

Strategic partnership between the Edutus University and the Serbian Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (FBEE)

The Edutus University and the Serbian Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (FBEE) – in Serbian Visoke škole za poslovnu ekonomiju i preduzetništvo (VSPEP) –  established a fruitful wide strategic inter-institutional partnership. This cooperation includes ERASMUS + Programs (Students and Staff mobility), joint research and conference participations, joint publication activities, exchange of good practices and experiences.

Contacts from the Hungarian Party: Dr. Zoltán Peredy, Dr. Balázs Laki and Ms. Márta Pongrácz

Contacts from the Serbian Party: Dr. Vladan Cogoljevic, Dr. Alexandra Tosović Stevanović and Mr. László Vadlövő

Mr. László Vadlövö (FBEE). His mediatory role was crucial the establish a mutually beneficial and successful strategic cooperation between the Edutus University (Hungary) and the Serbian FBEE (VSPEP)

At the beginning of July, 2021, the delegation of the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (FBEE) visited the University of Edutus, Hungary, with which there has been a strong and mutually beneficial cooperation for four years. The goal of both higher education institutions is to increase the scope of international cooperation, and the meeting was more than successful and resulted in new agreements between FBEE and Edutus. FBEE was represented by the Assistant Director for Teaching Dr. Maja Cogoljevic and the Assistant Director for Marketing Dr. Vladan Cogoljevic.

It was agreed to expand cooperation in the field of Serbian-Hungarian dual education; then international cooperation based on joint projects involving potential funding from the international community; exchange of best practices and professional development for both parties. A new upcoming meeting has been set up in order to start the concretization of the agreed expansion of cooperation as soon as possible. See more details: https://vspep.edu.rs/en/student-service/news/increasing-the-scope-of-cooperation-with-the-university-of-eduts-from-hungary

Group photo in the Edutus University Budapest Campus. From left to right: Dr. Vladan Cogoljevic (FBEE), Mrs. Márta Pongrácz Institutional Erasmus Coordinator (Edutus University); Ms. Márta Szabó Head of the Education Organization Department (Edutus University) and Dr. Maja Cogoljevic (FBEE).

International Scientific Conference on Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship (EEE)

The teaching staff members of VSPEP used to be invited to the International Weeks events organised by the Edutus University. On the other hand, the FBEE regularly invites the Edutus University staff member as presenters on its International Scientific Conferences on Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship (EEE), which are organised by the Serbian Party and used to be held in Belgrade in every year in the middle of October.

The conference should serve as a good platform for the exchange of international experiences and good practices aimed at reducing high unemployment rates and encouraging employment through greater dynamism in the development of private entrepreneurship, both at the level of national economies and globally. It helps to consider the different possibilities and domains of developing entrepreneurial firms. It allows to determine in which direction new strategies of entrepreneurial education should be developed in order to encourage creativity, development of individuality, creative and logical thinking, which are important preconditions for encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives in practice. There are opportunities to reconsider better synergies between scientific and educational institutions with the business environment.

Read more detail: www.eee-conference.com

See the Thematic EEE Conference Proceedings including the Edutus University staff members publications:



EEE-2019: http://www.eee-conference.com/_img/arhiva/2019/e2019_sa_naslovnom.pdf

EEE-2020: http://www.eee-conference.com/_img/arhiva/2021/knjiga_eee2020.pdf

The tenth international scientific conference “EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP – EEE 2021”, organized by the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (FBEE), has attracted great attention of the international professional public. Over 30 scientific papers from several countries were presented, including Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Romania, Algeria, Iran, Hungary, Canada and others. The conference was held from October 21 to 23 in Belgrade. The conference was opened by the founder of the FBEE, Professor Dušan Cogoljević, who reminded us of the 10 successful years of this scientific gathering. See more details: https://vspep.edu.rs/en/news/tenth-international-scientific-conference-employment-education-and-entrepreneurship

Group photo during the EEE-2021 Conference break. In the middle Professor Dušan Cogoljević VSPEP (FBEE) from him left Dr. Zoltán Peredy Head of the Engineering Institute and the second and third lady: Dr. Zorana Nikitović Associate Professor of VSPEP; Dr. Alexandra Tosović Stevanović, Head of the International Programs VSPEP, from Professor Dušan Cogoljević right Dr. Balázs Laki Edutus University (Source: http://www.eee-conference.com/engg_41_eee_2021_international_scientific_conference_eee.html)

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