Már elérhetőek államilag támogatott helyek nem csak mesterképzéseken, hanem nappali tagozatos, alapképzési szakokon is!

Online webinar learning system

During the Microsoft Teams based online webinar education, the contact classroom lectures from the different units will be video recorded or in case of vis major events (e.g. pandemic), the education will take place purely in online form.

The „ Manual to the installation of the „Microsoft Teams” e-learning software” document describes in detailed manner how to install this software on your computer. You can make online connection via this software, if you can not personally attended the contact classroom lectures.

This „ Manual to the Edutus University Coospace System” document provides brief explanation how to enter the Edutus Coospace System. Inside this online space, typing the name of the relevant unit in the search filed, you can gain access to the previously video recorded contact or online classroom lectures, therefore you can back these videos anytime at your convenience. In addition, you can find useful study materials in the given submaps as well.

How to Install Microsoft Teams Coospace Software Manual to the Edutus Coospace System


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