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International Office of the Edutus University

The International Office is responsible for managing the international relations of the Edutus University in Budapest. If you have any question, please feel free to contact directly the International Office via the following manners:


Address: H-1114 Budapest, Villányi út 11-13. 3 rd. floor, Room 311.

Márta Pongrácz (in the middle) together with some Chineese learners after earning their BAM BSC degree.

Education Organization Department of the Edutus University

The mission of the Education Organisation Department is supporting the domestic and foreign learners during their whole university studies, starting from their applications and enrolment to ending their studies earning their BSC or MSC degrees.

This Department is responsible for managing the technical, administrative and financial affairs related to the different Hungarian and English full-time and part-time BSC and MSC education programs, preparation of credit certificates, diplomas and diploma supplements, maintenance and development of the Study Registration System (NEPTUN) and provides the learners registration in the NEPTUN and COOSPACE Edutus online webinar system.

You can contact the Education Organization Department on the following ways:

Szabó Mária (Ms)

Head of the Department

E-mail: szabo.maria@edutus.hu

Phone: + 36 1 883 9853

Address: H-1114 Budapest, Villányi út 11-13. 3rd. floor, Room 309.

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