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Engineering Graduate (Master) Program

Technical Manager

Edutus College has decided to start the Master of Engineering in September 2018, starting from the professional needs of the national economy and the region, and the professional requirements. The specialty of Edutus College is that the technical part of the training is based on the most up-to-date basic mechatronic basic knowledge. We consider the management of facility management skills of a specialty, which can be learned as a specialization and a novelty in comparison with comparable courses in other institutions. Therefore, we can rightly state that the technical manager’s degree is unique in Hungary with the above structure.

Objective of the Master’s degree program

The aim of program is to educate technical managers who are able to manage complex technical-economic tasks through their natural sciences, engineering and ICT, management and organizational sciences as well as their linguistic knowledge and skills to contribute to the technical and economic design and development of the technological process, and to take into account, evaluate and make related decisions. They are ready to continue their studies in PhD. course.

Professional Features

The disciplines leading to the qualification, the areas of specialization from which the course is being developed

  • science knowledge [mathematics, physics, chemistry and other (quantitative methods, mechanics, ecology, nanotechnology, econometrics) knowledge] 20-35 credits;
  • economic and human knowledge (international management and economics, competitiveness analysis, labour economics, sustainable development, organization development, human resource management, communication skills, knowledge related to health promotion workplace occupations, further professional studies defined in the institutional curriculum) 10-20 credits;
  • technical manager technical skills (system analysis, systems design and management, process control, industry (mechanical, chemical, nanotechnology, biotechnology, waste scarce) technologies, further professional studies specified in the institutional curriculum] 15-35 credits.

Taking into account the facility manager’s specialization, special knowledge can be obtained from the specializations required for the effective cultivation and development of the technical, technological and related management areas.

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