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Results of the International TDK Conference (Spring Semester 2023)

On April 28, 2023, the international TDK session of Edutus University took place for the second time, where three papers were presented by five Chinese students studying at our university, on topics such as artificial intelligence or digitalization. The previously submitted written TDK theses were delivered in oral presentation form by the students who were mentored by Dr. Zoltán Peredy and Dr. Sujit Chaudhuri, who played a key role in the launch of the international TDK section last year.

The final result of the Edutus International TDK Conference:

First place: Cui Zheng, Sun Jiaxuan, Wang Jiayi 

(Title of TDK thesis: Impact assessment of Belt and Road Initiative on Chinese economy and society)

Second place: Zhang Jingyu

(Title of TDK thesis: Digitalization and Transformation of Germany’s Hidden Champions)

Third place: Li Sijia

(Title of TDK thesis: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on  Workplaces)

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