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Lecturers – Learners joint R&D and publication activities

In the course of the English Educational Programs at Edutus University, besides the interactive lectures delivered by innovative and “tailor-made” teaching methods, joint research works have also been taken into practice in close cooperation between the professional lecturers and the talented, hard-working learners.

Due to the concerted efforts, several remarkable and tangible results were born till now including preparing BSC theses and publications. On the other hand, some promising foreign learners after earning their Edutus University BSC Degree Diploma, managed to reach the admission level on the MSC level entrance exam of foreign universities for example the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom). They will continue their MSC studies at these foreign universities after enrollment.

You can see selected examples related to the published papers:

  • Peredy, Z.; Fukati, F.; Laki, B. (2020): Analysis of Tik-Tok video’s competitive factors using a comprehensive multilevel fuzzy evaluation method, Acta Oeconomica Universitatis Selye 9(2): 61-80.

Read the full text: http://acta.fei.ujs.sk/uploads/papers/finalpdf/AOUS_9(2)_from61to80.pdf

  • Peredy, Z.; Zhihao and Laki,B (2021): Human elements of Chinese-style innovation beyond the knowledge-based economic transformation, Acta Periodica Vol. XXIII.81-96 pages, DOI https://doi.org/10.47273/AP.2021.23.81-96

Read the full text: https://www.edutus.hu/cikk/human-elements-of-chineese-style-innovation-beyond-the-knowledge-based-economic-transformation/

  • Peredy, Z.; Xie Yaokui and Laki, B. (2021): Challenges of the Innovative Chinese Small-and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s), Acta Periodica, Vol. 24; pp: 19-35; 2021/4; ISSN 2063-501X; DOI https://doi.org/10.47273/AP.2022.24.19-35 

Read the full text: https://www.edutus.hu/cikk/challenges-of-the-innovative-chinese-small-and-medium-sized-enterprises-smes-in-the-last-decade/

Read the full text: https://www.edutus.hu/cikk/innovation-trends-of-the-chinese-automotive-companies-in-2022/ 

  • Peredy Z., and Tao Sengjie (2022): Fairness challenges in the corporate Human Resource Management – some lessons for Chinese companies; Firma I Rynek (Company and Market); 2022/01 (61) pp  19-39; ISSN: 2657-3245 

Read the full text: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/360524692_Firma_I_Rynek_Company_and_Market_20221_61_Fairness_challenges_in_the_corporate_human_resource_management_-some_lessons_for_Chinese_companies 

  • Peredy Z. Chaudhuri S., and Zong N. (2023): Chinese Liquors as global brands – Guizhou Moutai Group case study; Firma I Rynek (Company and Market); 2023/01 (63) pp: 31-50; ISSN: 2657-3245 

Read the full text: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/370644393_Chinese_liquors_as_global_brands_-_Guizhou_Moutai_Group_case_study 

  • Peredy Z., Kaiser J. and Laki B. (2022): New Opportunities of the Chinese Companies in the Big Data Era; Eleventh International Scientific Conference on Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship (EEE-2022; Beograd); [Thematic proceedings]; Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship; 162-176 pages; ISBN 978-86-6069-202-5; COBISS.SR-ID 78273033; URL: https://www.eee-conference.com/_img/arhiva/2022/thematic_proceedings_eee2022.pdf


Examples of selected TDK Thesis (prepared by Edutus University Chinese students)

  1. Sun Jiaxuan (2022): Impacts of scientific and technological (S&T) development on communication in the modern societies from Chinese perspective (tutor: Dr. Chaudhuri Sujit)
  2. Wei Qiongyu (2022): B2B digital and e-commerce aspects of marketing and sales at Chinese companies –example of Alibaba (tutor: Dr. Chaudhuri Sujit)
  3. Wang Jiayi; Sun Jiaxuan; Cui Zheng (2023): Impact assessment of Belt and Road Initiative on Chinese economy and society (tutor: Dr. Zoltán Peredy)

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