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Edutus University TDK Conference International Section

Similarly, to the previous past Semesters, the International Section of the Scientific Student Conference (TDK) – organised by Dr. Zoltán Peredy, Head of the Edutus Engineering Institute – took place again in the 2023-2024 Autumn Semester, on November 16, 2023, in the Edutus University’s Budapest Campus Villányi street building in classroom 315. This outstanding event is now „slowly” becoming a tradition at our university.

It was great development that each of TDK thesis manuscripts previously prepared and submitted by the Chinese and Erasmus students proved to be high quality focusing on complex, relevant topics. Furthermore, the English language oral presentations of these TDK theses were realised beside the interested students and the TDK Evaluation Committee as jury (chaired by Dr. Lajos Borbás prof. emeritus, members: Dr. Péter Lakatos professor and Dr. Zoltán Peredy, Head of the Edutus Engineering Institute) in front of audience of  Edutus University teaching staff members and other Chinese students.

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