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Marketing MSc

Preparatory Year for MSc Marketing Study Program

Duration of Study: 2 semesters

Tuition Fee of Preparatory Year for MSc Marketing Study Program: 2500,- Euro/semester

Precondition of application acceptance

  • Certificate of performed 6 semesters at a higher education institution’s business study program in the home country of the student
  • Min. IELTS 5.5 or equivalent English language knowledge

Credit points to be acquired: 0

The objectives of the training and the competencies to be acquired

The students of the the preparatory year for MSc program have to be able to study the subjects of their study program in English language.

The preparatory course is designed to help students to develop and strengthen both their professional and language skills necessary to successfully pursue business studies at MSc program.

The program lasts two semesters (1 academic year) and offers intensive training in language studies (standard and professional English communication). Beyond the language training the preparatory courses focuse on marketing.

Core Modules: English language, Management, Marketing, Consumer behaviour, International markets

Those students who pass the progress tests and fulfill the requirements of the preparatory course can get in Marketing MSc studies to the Edutus College.

For master program application (MSc) you must hold a bachelor (BSc) degree – or equivalent certificate – from related scientific area additionally to your high school certificate.

Marketing MSc Programme full- and part-time
Marketing MSc Programme
Full- and Part-time
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Béla Réger
Obligatory subjects
All students are required to complete each subject in this course group during their studies!
Pre-requisite Name of the Subject Lecturer Number of hours organised in block Semester hours Credit Requirement
k= Colloquium
gyj= Practical Exam
ai =  Signature
Modul Department
Lectures Practice
Semester I.
Modern Econimc and Market Theories Gergely Buda 14+8 8 4 5 5k GT KMA
Marketing Management Dr. András Kovács 14+8 10 10 5 5 k GT GTT
Decision-making Theory and Methodology Balázs Laki 8+14 4 8 5 5 gyj GT KMA
Value Creation Logistic Processes Márton Lányi 8+14 4 8 5 5 k GT GTT
Corporate Economics Dr. Zoltán Peredy 14+8 8 4 5 5 k GT GTT
Research Methodology Dr. Vanda Papp 10+12 6 6 5 5 gyj VSZ NYK
Altogether (6 subject): 132 40 40 30
Semester II.
Strategic Management in Marketing Dr. Ilona Miklós 14+8 8 4 5 5k GT GTT
Innovation Management on MSC level (alternative subject) Dr. Zoltán Peredy 8+14 4 8 5 5 k SZV GTT
Finance Management Balázs Laki 14+8 8 4 5 5 k GT GTT
Consumer behaviour Dr. Ádám Köbli 14+8 10 10 5 5 gyj MSZ GTT
Marketing Research, Environment and Marketing Analysis Dr. András Kovács 8+14 10 10 5 5 gyj MSZ GTT
Sales Management Dr. Péter Lakatos 8+14 4 8 5 5 gyj VSZ GTT
Altogether (6 subject): 132 46 38 25
Semester III.
Law on Economic and Competition, Business Ethics and Consumer Protection Dr. Arnold Tóth 22+0 10 10 5 5 k MSZ KMA
Marketing Management Integrated Marketing Communication 8+14 10 10 5 5 k MSZ GTT
Product, Supply and Brand Policy 8+14 4 8 5 5 gyj MSZ GTT
Actual Trends in International Trade and Markets 22+0 8 4 5 5 k VSZ GTT
Design and Contolling of Market 14+8 10 10 5 5 gyj MSZ GTT
Applied Logistic (Altenative Subject) Márton Lányi 14+8 8 4 5 5 k SZV
Semester IV.
Minimum 60 credits MSC – Seminar 22+0 0 20 5 5 gyj VSZ GTT
Minimum 60 credits Diploma Work* 15 2 besz VSZ GTT
International and Intercultural Marketing Dr. Chaudhuri Sujit 14+8 10 10 5 5 k MSZ
Sales Management Supply Chain Management (SCM) 8+14 6 14 5 5 gyj VSZ GTT
Altogether (6 subject): 66 16 44 30
Total number of hours and credit points for master’s degree (21 subjects): 124 144 100
* The grade of the diploma thesis is determined by the Final Examination Committee.
*** Full name of the Departments:
GTT:   Department for Management Sciences
KMA: Department fo Methodology of Applied Economics Sciences
NYK:   Department for Language and Communication
TUR:   Department for Tourism and Hospitality

Lecturers and Subjects MSC

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