2016-05-19 16:23

Information on the regulations concerning the visa and the residence permit can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires – Hungary and consular missions of Hungary.

International students are highly recommended to consult the relevant authorities (and their websites) at least 2 months before the beginning of their studies. Upon receipt of the Letter of Acceptance from the Edutus College, students from non-EEA countries (non-EEA nationals) must hand in their demand on residence permit for the purpose of studies at the Hungarian Embassy in their home country. (We very much recommend that all non-EEA citizens - even those who are eligible to enter Hungary without a visa for up to 90 days - apply for a visa for residence permit before coming to Hungary.)

In case of successful application, the students obtain a visa – for the purpose of studies – authorising them to a single entry for receiving the residence permit and to stay for maximum 30 days in Hungary. The decision on the residence permit falls within the scope of the regional directorates of the Office of Immigration and Nationality. The students must visit the Office of Immigration and Nationality and obtain their residence permit within 30 days from the day of entry.

All non-EEA nationals must, at all times during their stay and studies here, have a valid residence permit allowing them to study in Hungary. Those international students who are staying at Edutus College for a longer period of time – for more than one semester – are obliged to have the residence permit renewed before it expires. Please note that renewal of the residence permit must be started at least 30 days before it expires.

The regulations for the registration of the place of residence and the residence permit can also be found on the website of the Office of Immigration and Nationality

Students from EEA countries (EEA nationals) must obtain their certificate of registration at the regional directorate competent for the place of residence within 3 months from the day of entry.

All international students are also responsible for registering their housing address at the regional directorate competent for the place of residence. Each student will receive an “address ID card” which is obligatory for all people residing in Hungary. In general, all international students have to notify the authorities about their place of residence soon after arrival and within 3 days after any changes taking place.

All international students are recommended to insure themselves in their home country. Valid health insurance for the duration of your stay in Hungary is obligatory (if your health insurance card does not specifically state that it is valid for EU member states or that is valid specifically for Hungary, please ask your insurance company to supply you with an official letter to this effect as the Hungarian Immigration Authorities may need this statement when you arrive to Budapest). NB: The health insurance must provide full coverage, emergency health insurance will not be accepted.

General Information

  • Exchange students are not charged tuition fee.
  • Exchange students have the same rights and duties as the Hungarian students.

Exchange students are accepted

  • within international programmes (Erasmus, CEEPUS, inter-university exchanges, in which both the students' home university/college and the Edutus College is involved. Please check whether your home institution has an valid agreement with Edutus College and in which programmes are they cooperating. Students have to be nominated by their home universities.
  • within other scholarship programmes e.g. International Visegrad Fund. Students are required to ask for a Letter of Acceptance at the International Offiece (H-1114 Budapest, Villányi út 11-13., E-mail: In order to obtain a Letter of Acceptance the students have to submit the following documents in English: CV, Motivation letter, Grade Report (Transcript of Records) and a Letter of Recommendation from a professor at the home institution.