Sustainable develop strategy

2015-12-12 15:20

The establishment of alternative energy production and management in Tatabánya and in the region provides a great opportunity for the Hungarian companies to develop new technologies, create new jobs and offer better living conditions a more climate friendly environment is able to provide. Our latest development is the Renewable Energy Workshop that provides proper conditions for researching, teaching and promoting the possibilities of sun, wind, geothermal and biomass energy production and management.

The Workshop was established in January 2010, in order to perform various tasks in the areas of education, dissemination, adult education, research and development. The College plays a significant role in the joint research and development activities between Edutus College and Hungarian companies such as working together with the Élő Energia Kft. and Auróra 2003 Kft. on the design of equipments utilizing the energy of the sun and the wind. These projects are significant in making the concept of „Tatabánya a climate-friendly city” a reality.

In our alternative energy production and management training programs, students – such as the Assistant Energy Engineer students can participate in the measurement, processing and evaluation of the heat generation and energy production data of the Solar parabola and the vertical axis wind turbine, and the photovoltaic solar panels placed on the top of the building. Further developments are in progress for establishing new training programs and four new, modern alternative energy laboratories.

For the purpose of promoting the ongoing developmental projects and the environmentally-conscious lifestyle, the Edutus College has started the Sustainable Consumption Club. Its basic goal is to represent the eco-strategy of Edutus. Topics that are related to the strategies of the College and that are helpful for creating a better urban environment are discussed at meetings of the club. Thereby the College becomes an integral part of the regional cooperation aimed at improving conditions in the environment.