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2016-05-19 16:19

Public Transport

Air Transport

Hungary's international airport is Liszt Ferenc Airport, located in Ferihegy/Budapest. How to get into the city from the airport? There are several ways to get to the city centre from the Airport. For more information, please click here.

National public transport

Students in possession of student cards are entitled to reduced rates (60% discount when buying a monthly pass for public transport, 50% discount on travelling by train).

Public transport in Budapest

Public transport in the city of Budapest is provided by Budapest Transport Limited (known to all Hungarians simply as BKV). It operates a network of 224 bus-, 35 tram- and 14 trolleybus routes, as well as three Underground lines. There are also five suburban railway lines (HÉV) serving the outskirts of the city. Most services operate from around 5 o'clock in the morning until about 11 o'clock at night.

You must be in the possession of a ticket or pass before you board any public transport in Budapest: there are no conductors, and the drivers do not sell tickets. For visitors the most convenient way of traveling is to buy a pass. Offering unlimited travel, these are available for one, three and seven days (they are also available for longer periods) and can be purchased at Underground stations. Tickets for single journeys can also be bought from ticket offices (and automated ticket machines at many bus and tram stops), but these have to be validated at the commencement of each journey. This is done at the red boxes situated at chest height at the top of the escalators on the Underground (or in the case of the Yellow Line, at the bottom of the stairs), and by the doors on the inside of buses, trams and trolleybuses.

Please note if you are using tickets (rather than a pass) and are changing lines at Deák tér Underground station, you will have to validate a new ticket as you change platforms.

Below is a summary of the tickets and passes most likely to be of use to visitors:

- single ticket: valid for any single journey within Budapest. If you break your journey, or change from one vehicle (or train) to another, you have to validate a new ticket.

- one-day pass: valid for unlimited travel within Budapest on the day stated on the pass (it expires at midnight on that day).

- three-day pass: valid for three days' unlimited travel within Budapest, starting from the day stated on the pass and expiring at midnight two days later.

- seven-day pass : valid for seven days' unlimited travel within Budapest, starting from the day stated on the pass and expiring at midnight six days later.

Single tickets are available at:

- Underground stations

- Tobacconists

- Newsagents

- Tourinform offices

- Automated ticket machines at some bus and tram stops.


Ticket inspectors operate throughout the public transport network and strictly enforce the current ticketing regulations. While inspectors on the Underground wear a blue uniform, those on buses and trams may be plain-clothed: all, however, carry official identification. Passengers caught flouting the regulations are fined.

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Railway Transportation

The largest transport service provider in Hungary, the Hungarian State Railways Shareholding Company (MÁV), which has been operating for 160 years already, carries more than 150 million passengers year to year to any destinations chosen by them. We are more than happy to help you with our train facilities to discover the most beautiful regions and our most prestigious villages. Pick any of the destinations you wish to see and we will make sure, you have a safe and comfortable journey with the MÁV.

Ticketing information

Train tickets can be bought at the railway stations and railway ticket offices in Budapest and the countryside.

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Széchenyi-hegyi Children's Train

Hűvösvölgy - János-hegy - Csillebérc - Normafa - Széchenyi-hegy - Normafa - Csillebérc - János-hegy - Hűvösvölgy This railway is very popular among the children of Budapest and those visiting the capital. It is 11.2 kilometres long. What makes it special is that children between the ages of 10 and 14 do all the work except, of course, for the jobs of engineer and stationmaster. There are six stops between the two terminals, each leading to popular hiking destinations in the Buda Hills.

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Coach Service - International & domestic services

Volánbusz operates 500 domestic distance coaches to 100 cities of the country daily, creating a direct link between 17 counties and the most important regions and resorts of the country and Budapest. During the day there are coaches in every hour or more often in the direction of Eger, Salgótarján, Gyöngyös, Jászberény, Kecskemét, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, Tatabánya and Győr, many lines go to the Mátra, the great plain, lake Balaton or other destinations. Volánbusz also operates international coaches. Transfers are available from Austria, Belgium, Checz Republic, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland.

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