International business economics BA

2015-12-12 15:22

The objective of this training program:

To acquaint students with tourism as an individual social-economic phenomenon and discipline; to prepare students for work in special fields of the tourism industry, e.g. tourism marketing on national and regional level, short-break tourism, event tourism, health and wellness tourism, etc. and for work within the framework of the European Union, furthermore to meet the requirements coming from the location, i.e. the college is in Budapest which is the main tourism destination of Hungary, and to meet the requirements of new trends of tourism, the need for sustainable tourism, for heritage tourism products.

The knowledge acquired during the training program makes the students capable of interpreting and analysing the micro and macro level business environment and the regulations of business activities, and they are able to adapt themselves to these conditions. This makes them capable of contributing to the development of business strategies and applying these strategies in the selected areas. The practical courses prepare each student for the application of their professional knowledge. The training gives them certain skills that make them able to adapt quickly and efficiently to unusual cultural and business environments, and help them make decisions. Students can use this training in large domestic and multinational companies and in international business transactions of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Training period: 6 semesters (180 credits) plus 1 semester of internship (30 credits)
Form of training: full-time
Specializations: Tourism Product Development and Hotel Management
Certified qualification: Bachelor of Sciences with Honour in Tourism and Hospitality

Main subjects
Finance, Controlling, Accounting, Statistics, Tourism Marketing, Geography of Tourism, Theory and Economics of Tourism, Tourism Development, Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Event Management, Gastronomy, Tourism Law, Project Management, History of Tourism, Law, Foreign languages

Job opportunities