2016-05-06 10:53


ECTS, the European Credit Transfer System is part of the Erasmus Programme. One of the objectives of Erasmus is the promotion of mutual academic recognition in the European Community in order to allow students to take part in a study programme abroad.

ECTS is a decentralised system based upon the principle of mutual trust and understanding between institutions of higher education.

It concerns

  • information (about the institution and the courses available)
  • agreement (between the institutions)
  • use of credits (which indicates student workload).

ECTS is a course credit system based on student workload. This involves lectures and seminars, practical training, self-study and examinations (including the preparation). It includes all work necessary to earn one or more credits. The basic allocation of academic credits will be 60 ECTS credits per year, 30 credits in each semester. This results in 180+30 credits for a B.A. degree with internship activity. Credits are awarded only on the condition that the course has been completed and the student has passed the regular examination and has completed the required course work. Students benefiting from ECTS will receive full credit for their academic work at any of the departments of Edutus College and will be able to transfer these credits from EDUTUS College to any another institute accepting ECTS. The European Commission provides mobility grants that are awarded by the home university. Students may only be awarded a grant if they fulfil the general conditions of eligibility for the given grant.

These are:

Students must be citizens of an EU member state or of a state belonging to the European Economic Area;

  • a study period should not last less than three months or longer than one year;
  • a student may only receive a grant for a single study period abroad which should fall within a single academic year;
  • students shall not be required to pay tuition fees at the host institution;
  • the national grant to support one’s studies or loan to pay the tuition fee to which a student may be entitled shall not be discontinued or reduced during the period the student receives an Erasmus grant.